I swear I’m still alive!

I’m back to making games again! Life’s allowed me some time to actually get back to gamedev.

To show you what I’ve been up to lately, here are a few pics of my current game in progress:

Screenshot3 Screenshot6 Screenshot1

I’m no where near finished yet, I’ve only got the first 15 minutes of the game done… But stay tuned, I’ll keep updating with more pictures in the near future.


Trying something new

After a wonderfully relaxing winter break away from all the stressful things like school and making games, I’ve decided to get back into gamedev! With the new year comes new ambitions, so this time I’m going to try my hand at making a different style of RPG. Here’s a little teaser from the thing I’m working on:

Something New

Just keep in mind that all of that may change, and to be honest, all of it WILL change. Stay tuned for more teasers! Hopefully soon I’ll have more to show.

Tungsten Release! version 1.0




Tungsten is an RPG inspired by the Earthbound/Mother series and it’s also very loosely inspired by Pokemon as well. It’s a short game, roughly 30 minutes of content, but it should still be fun and enjoyable!


The game takes place in the town of Tungsten in the year 20XX. You follow Ron and his friends Lissa and Rick on a misadventure to save the world from an extraterrestrial threat. With the help of his father, a community college professor, and his lab assistant, Alexa, the group gains strange psychic powers, the key to defending the Earth. Will Ron and friends succeed or will the Earth be destroyed? Can pizza truly save lives? Will Rick find true love? It’s up to you to decide their fates!




Arrow Keys – Move Ron around!

– Cancel/Back/Open the Menu

Space Bar – Select

For you one-handed gamers out there, you too can play this game!

Arrow Keys – Move Ron around!

NumPad 0 – Cancel/Back/Open the Menu

Enter – Select



Tungsten v1.0 [190MB]

If you have RPG Maker VX Ace you don’t have to download the above file. Use this one instead.

Tungsten v1.0(No RTP) [4MB]


Known Issues:

  • There’s slight slowdown on a couple of maps. I’m aware of this and I’m still figuring out ways to work around all that.
  • It begins abruptly and ends abruptly. Before I touch on that, I want to hear people’s thoughts on the game itself.
  • It’s missing a lot of flavor text for items and equipment. I’m still trying to figure out clever things to say about bread.
  • There also might be some grammar/spelling issues here and there that I missed. Tell me if you find anything!
  • Will definitely be more…



Found a bug? Have something to say? I want your feedback! Feel free to comment down below, or tweet at me (@evfizzle)!


So here’s my blog where I’ll be posting all my game development mumbo-jumbo. I don’t know how much I’ll be using this, but this will be the first place where I post my games and updates. If you want to be the first to know of any new games, or a bug-fix, follow me here! If you want to give me feedback for my games, you can do so here on this blog! I’d love to hear your thoughts and concerns! (Just so long as you aren’t “offended” by ‘X’ and want to label me as ‘Y’ist.)

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